Goal Setting

"She likes to have goals that no one else can imagine, so they'll shut up about how they understand exactly what she's going through." Brian Andreas from StoryPeople

I like to have big, bold, bodacious goals. Nothing wimpy for this woman.

I recently left my job as Dean of the Jandoli School of Communication and Dean of Graduate Studies at St. Bonaventure University to return to the faculty. So many reasons factored into my decision. Rest assured, I will articulate each of those reasons in future posts.

Right now I would like to focus on my latest big, bold, bodacious goal.

Ironman, Louisville, Kentucky, 2019. Or for those in the know - IMLOU.

Why 2019? I turn 50 in August of 2019.

Also, one doesn't just do an Ironman. One trains for a year - or more if one is grossly out of shape. The countdown app on my phone notes that I have another 468 days until IMLOU.

Lose Some Weight

I know that I can be fit and have some extra weight but my body prefers to be fit and lean...as do I.

I gained quite a bit of weight in my role as dean. Now, I can't blame that on anyone but myself. I could have organized my schedule in such a way as to maintain fitness. I did not. Now I'm older and wiser and more out of shape.


Bike, Run, Swim, Repeat, Rest, Repeat

The internet is full of training plans. I chose one and modified it. My first order of business is fitness - and the above referenced weight loss. I can't just do IMLOU at my leisure. There are time limits. And I'm not going to make the time with extra baggage nor will I do so without the appropriate training.

I have committed to a schedule of bike on Monday, run on Tuesday, swim on Wednesday, bike on Thursday, run on Friday, swim on Saturday, pick my ass (rest) on Sunday.

This is week four of that regimen and I've surprised even myself with keeping at it. This week is particularly gruesome with temperatures in the 90's and the humidity high enough to soak you through your clothes just standing.

I thought I would have trouble with the rest day since I don't rest very well. Turns out I have no trouble at all. My body needs it - and so does my brain, quite frankly.

Clean up your Diet

You grow your own. Eat it.

In addition to this website, I also maintain a vanity project with my husband - TippyHomestead. We started the lifestyle blog to document life on our farm. We do grow our own produce - lots of it. I should be able to go pick dinner nearly every night and supplement it with protein from the freezer or pantry. I do pretty well in this regard.

Follow our blog to see what we're up to. Right now it's a weedy garden and chickens.

Follow Me

I intend to document my progress via this blog as well as on my Instagram feed. Please follow me and encourage me.

You may also join me.......

I don't have to be the only person with big, bold, bodacious goals.