Here I Am!

Sometimes in life you need to pivot. It's not quitting or giving up. It's changing to better reflect who you are and who you want to be.

Welcome to PW Hoffmann.

Leader, Professor, Entrepreneur, Advocate, Speaker, Writer, Strategist, Creative Thinker, Data Nerd, Gentlewoman Farmer, Accidental Athlete

What to Expect

As you can see, I am more than just one thing. There are many different facets to who I am and what I do - as there are many different facets to each of us.

This website and blog will highlight all of the above. Impossible? Perhaps for others but I accept challenges and run with them. And because I am a strategist and creative thinker, I will incorporate each of the above in a way that is seamless and will leave you saying - "wah?"

Specifically, look for posts related to:

-Athletic training (I fancy myself doing an Ironman in 2019)

-TippyHomestead (my lifestyle blog documenting life on the farm)

-Wild Mountain Organics (my all natural body care company)

-Women's issues and rights worldwide (I regularly travel with students to Uganda, Africa and focus on health care and women's issues)

-Health Care (I am a member of the Health Care Access Coalition and board member of the Healthy Community Alliance. I also worked for years in health care.)

-Big data and GIS (I am on sabbatical from my professorship and plan to learn all about data mining and mapping)

-Dealing with people, negotiating, conflict resolution (all things I study and speak on regularly)

-Leadership and teaching (leadership in any number of areas, particularly servant leadership)

-Creativity and strategic thinking (Looking at the entire picture and deciphering everything you see to make sense of it.)