New Year - in February

After a morning hike.

Everyone sets new year's resolutions on January 1. Why be normal? Start resolutions in February when most people have tossed them aside.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it but, I do have to own that I didn't have my act together in January which is why I am denigrating everyone for starting in January and encouraging folks to start in February.

What are my goals for the year? I am teaching a class titled Organizational Performance and we are discussing OKRs - Objectives and Key Results (thank you John Doerr). I challenged my students to develop personal OKRs in addition to those for their organization. I said I would do the same. An objective should be a big idea - what do you want to accomplish? It should be reasonable but also be something you have to stretch to accomplish. No wimpy objectives. Each objective should have Key Results which are what you have to do to meet your objective and they should be measurable.

What did I decide? The following:

Objective: Get fit. 

Key Result: (I weighed myself at the beginning of this process so I have a starting point.) Lose at least 5 pounds per month. Weigh in each week and assess on the first of each month.

Key Result: (I also measured myself at the beginning of this process.) Lose inches in areas measured (you don't need those specifics even though you are supposed to be transparent - this could get creepy). To be more specific - lose .5 inches each month.

Key Result: Work out each day of the week at least 30 minutes each (workouts to include weights, yoga, swimming, biking, other aerobics (walking, running, hiking, rowing, etc.)).

Objective: Create and update my lifestyle blog (

Key Result: Increase number of subscriptions to feed from 0 to ten in first quarter (Hey, I'm really starting at nothing)

Key Result: Increase number of likes/comments on social feed from approximately 20 to over 100.

Key Result: Get media coverage in at least one outlet (likely something local cuz the New York Times is busy).

After a morning swim.

I could also issue an objective related to this blog but, honestly, that's part of Objective One. I had been highlighting my fitness journey on this blog and its associated social media. I have been working out and eating better since January 1 but I've also been picking my ass and eating whole bags of cheese balls so there is room for improvement.

What goals/objectives have you set for yourself this year? Did you do so on January 1? Are you still on track? Did you also add Key Results? Do you have a way of measuring along the way? Do you have a means of holding yourself accountable? I think that by posting this publicly, I should be accountable to whomever reads this.

So let me get fit and post updates. Let me meet my objectives by paying attention to key results. Let's succeed!